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The initiative of the European Solidarity Manifesto was a result of a meeting of Hans-Olaf Henkel and Stefan Kawalec who independently published texts about the controlled dismantlement of the Eurozone via the exit of the most competitive countries and decided to co-operate to promote this strategy for Europe.

» Hans-Olaf Henkel, “A sceptic’s solution – a breakaway currency”, Financial Times, 29 August, 2011.

» Stefan Kawalec, Ernest Pytlarczyk, “Controlled Dismantlement of the Eurozone: A Strategy to Save the European Union and the Single European Market”, German Economic Review, February 2013.


» Stefan Kawalec, Ernest Pytlarczyk, Kamil Kamiński, “The Economic Consequences of the Euro: The Safest Escape Plan”, Routledge Publishing, London and New York, 2020.

Below there are links to other important articles, books and interviews by the signatories of the European Solidarity Manifesto, or other authors, related to the idea of the controlled dismantlement of the Eurozone via the exit of the most competitive countries.

» João Ferreira do Amaral, Porque Devemos Sair do Euro, Lisbon 2013.

» J. F. do Amaral, B. Granville, H.-O. Henkel, P. Oppenheimer, J.J. Rosa, A. Soy and J.P. Vesperini, “Deconstructing the Euro”, PROJECT SYNDICATE, March 25, 2014.

» Alberto Bagnai - “Unhappy families are all alike: Minskyan cycles, Kaldorian growth, and the Eurozone peripheral crises”, in Febrero-Paños, E., Uxo, J. (ed.) Post-Keynesian views of the Great Recession and its remedies, Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave McMillan, 2013.

» Alberto Bagnai, Il tramonto dell'euro, Imprimatur editore, 2012.

» Other comments of Alberto Bagnai could be found on his website.

» Frits Bolkestein ,  “The present state of the Economic and Monetary Union”, Conference, ‘A Europe without the Euro’, Rome, April 10, 2014.

» Claudio Borghi Aquilini – “Why one size doesn’t fit all – case of Italy”, Brussels, 24 January 2013. 
» Other comments of Claudio Borghi Aquilini could be found on his website.

» Brigitte Granville, “La fine dell'euro avverrà nel caos più totale per l'accanimento ideologico della classe politica", L’AntiDiplomatico.it, 2014.

» Brigitte Granville, interview with BBC world service, business daily: “The French Malaise”, October 23, 2013.

» Brigitte Granville – Why a split euro would save the European Union – Bloomberg TV, 16 May 2013.

» Brigitte Granville – What now for the Euro – BBC World Service, 3 March 2013.

» Brigitte Granville – “The French disconnection” – published on Project Syndicate, 1 March 2013.
» Brigitte Granville – “The current Eurozone - an impediment to critical French reform”, Brussels, 24 January 2013.

» Brigitte Granville, „The IMF and the Ruble Zone: Response to Odling-Smee and Pastor”, Comparative Economic Studies 2002.

» Brigitte Granville and Dominik Nagly, “Conflicting incentives for the public to support the EMU”, Queen Mary University of London, Centre for Globalization Research, CGR Working Paper no 50, 2014.

» Brigitte Granville and Dominik Nagly, “Determinants of relative bargaining power in monetary union”, Queen Mary University of London, Centre for Globalization Research, CGR Working Paper no 47, 2013.

» B. Granville, H.-O. Henkel and S. Kawalec, ‘France Must Lead Breakup of Euro’, Bloomberg View, 16 May 2013.
» B. Granville, H.-O. Henkel and S. Kawalec, “Save Europe: Split the Euro”, Bloomberg View, 15 May 2013.

» Hans-Olaf Henkel , Si l'on veut sauver l'amitié franco-allemande, renonçons maintenant à la monnaie unique, Le Monde, 14 Juin 2013.

» Stefan  Kawalec and Ernest Pytlarczyk, ‘Controlled Dismantlement of the Eurozone: A Proposal for a New European Monetary System and a New Role for the European Central Bank’, National Bank of Poland Working Paper No 155- Warsaw 2013.

» Jens Nordvig and Nick Firoozye, “Rethinking the European monetary union”, Wolfson Economics Prize 2012 - Final submission.

» Jean-Jacques Rosa, Euro Exit, 2012.
» Other comments of Jean-Jacques Rosa could be found on his website.

» Jean-Jacques Rosa, Hans-Olaf Henkel, Jacques Sapir, Stefan Kawalec, Brigitte Granville, Alberto Bagnai, ’Préserver l'union européenne: le rôle de la France’, LE HUFFINGTON POST en association avec le Groupe Le Monde, 15 juin 2013.
» Jacques Sapir, Faut-il sortir de l’euro ?,  Paris, Le Seuil, 2012.
» Juan Franisco Seco, Contra el Euro, Ediciones Península, 2013.

» Jean Pierre Vesperini, Sortons de l'euro pour sauver l'Europe, Le Monde, 9 May 2013.

» Jean-Pierre Vesperini - L'euro, Dalloz, 2013.

» Jean-Pierre Vesperini, La compétitivité de la France, victime de l’euro, Le Monde, 12 December 2012.


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